The Pfhotonika system consists of a fully integrated, off-grid renewable energy storage and delivery system. The initial system for military applications is comprised of two (2) trailers one containing a fold-out 5kW/50kW /100kW solar array and the second an energy storage system and control module.

Excess solar power is converted into high pressure (350-2000 psi) hydrogen stored in lightweight carbon fiber tanks. The stored hydrogen is used to supply 5kW/50kW/100kW fuel cells for distributed power generation.

A connection to diesel generators is provided to utilize their wasted generation capacity for later use via the fuel cell when generator sets are operating on partial load or standby modes. A programmable controller with a hardened wireless tablet manages all of the various hybrid power distribution schemes to best make use of all energy.


  • 5 kW/50kW/100kW output
  • 24 volt battery and charging system


Solar Array Trailer

  • Solar panels mounted on a lightweight aluminum structure
  • One person can open the panels and operate controls to unfold and tilt
  • Automatic hydraulic leveling/stabilization system for the trailer including
  • Array deployment and panel tilt system with control switch via cables
  • Leveling foot pads for soft surfaces

Storage and Control Trailer

  • 5 kW/50kW/100kW high pressure electrolyzer module
  • 5 kW/50kW/100kW PEM fuel cell module
  • 4-500 kWh battery control buffer storage system
  • 30-3000 kWh hydrogen storage capacity
  • 350-2000 psi output pressure
  • Combination feed water and polishing system
  • Integrated iPad system controller


  • Sunlight
  • Water


  • 24V DC
  • 110 VAC, 2 circuits each 20a GFI
  • +/- 20% nominal to surge capacity
  • Hydrogen gas
  • Clean water
  • Heat

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